Photo of Dr Lynette Jones, Geriatrician at Magnolia Specialist CentreDr Lynette Jones (B.Sc.(Hons), BMBS, FRACP) completed her BMBS at Flinders University in 2009 and was awarded her FRACP in Geriatric Medicine in 2020. Dr Jones is currently employed as a Geriatrician within the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network and provides rapid access geriatric clinics across Adelaide.

Dr Jones’s interest in Geriatric Medicine stems from an appreciation of patient-centred care with an aim to improve overall health and ultimately quality of life in the elderly population in South Australia. In 2017 she was awarded the SALHN Medical Excellence Award, in recognition of her teaching and advocacy for patients, multi-disciplinary team members and junior medical staff.

Acknowledging the importance of medical research for patient outcomes, Dr Jones also actively contributes to the field. She won the coveted ANZSGM Katherine Lucero Award in 2019 for her research on Pharmacotherapy of Postural Hypotension in Older Patients with Parkinson’s disease. Furthermore, Dr Jones has also been heavily involved in heart failure research, participating as a sub-investigator in sponsor driven clinical trials and leading an investigator initiated trial which has been selected for presentation at CSANZ 2020.

Dr Jones’s geriatric practice encompasses cognitive assessments to diagnose and manage neurodegenerative disorders across the spectrum from delirium to dementia. She concentrates on addressing issues related to polypharmacy and subsequent frailty to optimise quality of life for her elderly patients. Dr Jones believes in addressing end of life plans with her patients, whilst they are competent to do so. 

In addition to managing older patients with complex health issues, with or without cognitive concerns, Dr Jones evolved a special interest in the management of heart failure in the older population. She completed the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network Heart Failure Fellowship within the Cardiology Department in 2019. This fellowship refined her skills in managing heart failure in the complex elderly population with multiple medical and cognitive issues. Heart failure is traditionally under-recognised in the elderly population who present with non-specific symptoms of breathlessness or fatigue. Dr Jones is excited to guide appropriate investigation and provide care for this complex cohort of patients. With her experience she is well placed to help deliver improved outcomes to this demographic.

Dr Jones has experience in the peri-operative assessment of elderly patients, particularly those with complex cardiac issues. She formulates management plans for common peri-operative complications such as delirium and falls, thereby minimising prolonged hospitalisations.

Dr Jones is engaging, passionate and looks forward to advocating for her patients to improve their quality of life in accordance with their wishes.