Referrals can be sent to Magnolia Specialist Centre using Healthlink, email or eFax. Please contact our reception staff on (08) 7099 2266 for details.
Our fax number is (08) 7099 2265.

A schedule of fees for clinicians at Magnolia Specialist Centre can be requested by calling our reception staff or using our contact form.

Referral form

Our standard referral form can be used to request both standard consultations and a range of diagnostic tests and procedures.

Download Referral Form

In general, referrals from GPs will last 12 months, whilst those from a specialist will last 3 months. We are happy to accept indefinite referrals from GPs on request however, as per Medicare requirements, the word “indefinite” must appear in the referral.

Checklist for valid referrals

To be compliant with Medicare referral requirements:

  • Referrals for consultation must be directed to a specific clinician.
  • Referrals for investigations or procedures can be addressed to a specific clinician, “Dear Doctor” or “Dear Magnolia Specialist Centre”.
  • The referring practitioner must provide their full name, provider number and clinical address.
  • Medicare requires that indefinite referrals must contain the word “indefinite”.

Do not forget to sign and date the referral!