Dr YiZhong ZhuangYiZhong “Zhong” Zhuang (BSc, BMBS(Hons), FRACP) obtained his Medical degree with Honours from Flinders University in 2010.  He has worked across Adelaide, having completed his internship at Flinders Medical Centre, physician training at Royal Adelaide Hospital, and advanced training in Neurology at The Queen Elizabeth and Royal Adelaide Hospitals. In 2017, he pursued his interest in movement disorders further by completing a dedicated Movement Disorders Fellowship under Prof. Philip Thompson, A/Prof. Thomas Kimber and Dr. Shav Parasivam.

Zhong is a Consultant Neurologist at Flinders Medical Centre, and previously worked in private practice at Western Neurology. He has been actively involved in clinical trials for memory disorders, stroke, and movement disorders.

Dr Zhuang has experience in device assisted therapies for Parkinson’s disease including levodopa/carbidopa intestinal gel and apomorphine infusion. He is involved in the selection and management of patients requiring deep brain stimulation to address their movement disorders.

He offers botulinum toxin for the treatment of neurological conditions including migraine, dystonia, and hyperhidrosis, and performs nerve blocks for headache and facial pain.

His clinical interests extend beyond movement disorders to headache, epilepsy, functional neurological disorders and behavioural/cognitive neurology. He provides holistic preventative healthcare to his patients and remains up to date with general internal medicine.

Dr Zhuang strongly encourages keeping up to date with Covid and other vaccines. He will be wearing a N95 mask for the consultation and requests you and anyone who accompanies you wears a medical grade mask properly throughout the consultation as well.